"Thanks for your assiduousness."


"Christian joined our firm in 2017 and he has been a valuable and well-respected member of our team. His attention to detail is exceptional and we will miss seeing him in the office but look forward to continuing to work with him."


"Thank you for your thoroughness with this and all the projects you complete for us. As I mentioned before, the pages you are working on are part of a much larger collection. I will share these insights and assumptions with the rest of the team."


“Christian can spot a typo a mile away. He is very accurate in his work and precise. He is always suggesting improvements to our master specs, contracts, and office forms. […] Christian always wants to do the right thing. […]  I'd rather work with someone who cares that much, than someone who doesn't care enough to stand up for what he believes in. Christian will always go the extra mile for causes important to him and the firm such as LEED® and high-performance schools. Clients always give him a glowing report. Christian is a great asset to the firm.”


“I wanted to let you know that […] has selected our agency and group of translators to continue providing translations for their corporate office. They have been very impressed with the quality and accuracy of the translations and very appreciative of all the expedited deliveries made over the years. Thank you very much for all your assistance with the sample translations earlier this year.”


“Mr. Nielsen-Palacios, a LEED® Accredited Professional, has been a professional architect since 1981 […] He has designed and managed a multitude of project types, scopes and sizes, with a focus on educational facilities. Christian also has significant experience in gymnasium, pool and fitness center design. Additionally, Christian leads our efforts in sustainable, high performance design, and is in charge of coordinating the sustainable design aspects of projects that are registered with the US Green Building Council in preparation for future LEED® certification. He has also written professional journal articles about the economic benefits of sustainable design, and translated parts of the International Building Code into Spanish. He has been invited to address professional groups to explain LEED® and other sustainable design issues.”


“I have received the feedback from our proofreading team and want to say congratulations on passing the translation evaluation with flying colors. There were no errors in your translation and our proofreaders were impressed.”


“Thanks to both of you for your attention to these details. I believe our specifications are better under Christian’s stewardship than they have ever been.”


“Christian Nielsen-Palacios has provided us with translation and editing services on numerous occasions since 2003. He has worked on legal, commercial, medical and technical documents. His work has consistently been excellent and is always delivered promptly. We will continue to work with him in the future and highly recommend his services.”


“Christian is a very conscientious and creative architect. He focuses on integrating sustainability and green design into both his work and his daily life. In addition to practicing, Christian is dedicated to sharing his expertise and connecting people to further his colleagues' and friends' knowledge.”


“I have worked with Christian for over 20 years. He responds to inquiries quickly and never misses deadlines. He is detail oriented and always does his research. He is one of the most pleasant translators I have ever met. I highly recommend his translation and proofreading services. A+”


“Wow! Christian, really appreciate the quick turnaround. Great job on this translation!”

“My goodness...you are super-duper fast!”

“Muchísimas gracias por enviar todo con tanta rapidez. […]  Estoy extremadamente satisfecho con tu trabajo.”

“Hector and Christian: This has got to take the award for the fastest translation and proofreading ever performed at UTS. Thank you both!”

“Good morning Christian: I wanted to share with you that your last translation was excellent and that our proofreading team found 0 corrections. We greatly appreciate your diligent work. Have a great day!”