• You are a busy architect.

  • You enjoy drawing, and designing, and cultivating relationships with your clients.

  • You understand that the technical aspects of our profession are a “necessary evil” for the success of our projects.

  • You enjoy having cordial relationships with clients and contractors.

  • You are annoyed when contractors have too many RFIs, asking “stupid” questions.

  • You are embarrassed when an error or an omission causes a Change Order.

  • Your staff are talented, but lack the experience needed to produce a really good set of construction documents, and you don’t want to be the one to ‘nag’ them all the time.

  • You leave the specs and quality control until the last minute, and prefer to do it yourself.

  • You wish you had a trusted partner who could lend a second set of eyes to review drawings and specs.

  • You are involved in state-funded projects and find it difficult to meet the required MWBE participation.


  • You need a translation.

  • You have a project in Spain or Latin America, and you need to produce construction documents in Spanish.

  • You manufacture construction products and want to export them to Spanish-speaking countries.

  • You manufacture construction products and understand that some installers might prefer to read manuals written in their native language.

  • You understand that Google Translate, or your sister-in-law’s cousin who speaks Spanish may not be the best choice for an accurate, professional translation.



  • I am an experienced, meticulous, nerdy bilingual architect and translator, licensed in New York State since 1991 (and in my native Venezuela in 1981.)

  • I was among the first 1,000 LEED APs, in 2002.

  • I am VERY picky (please see the TESTIMONIALS.)

  • I have worked on projects ranging from garage additions to multi-million dollar public schools.

  • I have grown to ENJOY the technical aspects of our profession as much as designing.

  • I enjoy helping others.

  • I like writing specs and have been doing it for years, and am a member of SCIP.

  • I catch typos and discrepancies between drawings and specs with very little effort (“a blessing and a curse”.)

  • While I am not an MEP engineer, I notice if drawing E101 says one thing and E703 another.

  • I can help you reduce the inevitable errors and omissions, the annoying RFIs and the dreaded Change Orders, saving you time, money and embarrassment.

  • I agree with this quote:

“The person most likely to miss an error or omission is the person who made the error or "created" the omission. Conversely, the less a person knows about a project, the more likely it is that they will question things that don't seem quite right or quite complete.”

Charles Nelson, in "Managing Quality in Architecture"